Binnopharm Group shared its experience with Segezha Group

On August 25, 2023, Binnopharm Group gave a tour of the R&D Center for representatives of the Segezha Group timber holding. The tour took place as part of the experience exchange project with leading industrial companies in various fields. 

This project was initiated by AFK Sistema to identify the best practices for attracting young staff and establishing a talent pool of students from specialized universities.

During the tour around the R&D Center, Segezha Group representatives got acquainted with state-of-the-art laboratories and the process of drug development, as well as presented with the best HR practices of Binnopharm Group. Binnopharm Group employees provided details on successful projects to attract interns and trainees from specialized universities to the production sites of the Group, mentoring, and support for young professionals. They also presented the current project of introducing the company’s values into the corporate culture, which is aimed at involving employees in business processes, as well as improving their performance.

In addition to Segezha Group employees from different Russian regions, the tour was attended by three students of the Chemical Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, who were eager to link their professional future with the development of drug products.

 In 2023, Binnopharm Group launched one of the most advanced R&D centers in Russia, which includes chemical and biotechnology laboratories for drug development. The R&D center combined the competencies of three laboratories formerly located at the company’s production sites. Binnopharm Group expects to bring more than 100 new drug products to the market by 2025.

Tatiana Fedchenko, HR and Organizational Development Director of Binnopharm Group: "Our company is gaining momentum, and we are most interested in attracting young qualified specialists. To do this, we create and integrate a variety of projects, for example, we support students of chemical, pharmaceutical, and medical universities from the first years of study, allowing them to get acquainted with our production sites and choose an interesting place to work in the future. Moreover, there are many more opportunities available. And of course, our practices are of interest to industrial companies from other fields. Hence, we are happy to share our experience and are interested in similar practices exercised by our colleagues".

Oksana Tikhonova, Vice President of Human Resources Management at Segezha Group: "We are grateful to our colleagues from Binnopharm Group for the opportunity to visit the modern R&D center and exchange relevant HR experience. Such ‘live’ interaction allows us to quickly exchange cases, implement effective tools, and avoid typical mistakes. Segezha Group also actively works with students of leading industry educational institutions. We organize tours, internships, and traineeships at our enterprises to change stereotypes about the forestry industry, which is high-tech and promising for career growth nowadays. In the new economic environment, establishing and developing qualified human resources is one of the top business priorities".
Larisa Pastukhova, President of Sistema Charitable Foundation: "Planning for 2023 together with the fund’s partner companies, we received a request to create a community to exchange experience for achieving synergetic results. So, in February, we held the first meeting of the Intellectual Club "System Experience", which established itself as an excellent expert platform combining the best practices in the field of CSR, charity, career guidance, and education. We are happy that this idea has transitioned to another collaborative project, #InSystem. We are sure that this is just the beginning of our great journey together".
#InSystem is the project of tours to high-tech production facilities and state-of-the-art offices of the largest Russian companies. You can find more information about the project and register for the tour on the link.