How we use cookies


A cookie1 is a small text file sent to your computer when you visit a website. Binnopharm Group’s website cookies perform many different functions, including enabling you to navigate pages quickly and efficiently, recording your preferences and enhancing the usability of the website to improve your experience on the website. Applicable law in Russia allows us to place cookies on your computer if they are needed for the website to function. Other cookies require your consent. Binnopharm Group’s websites may use some non-essential cookies, which are not necessary for the website to operate. Their purpose is to help us gain insights into how our websites are used rather than track actions of a particular user or identify them. These cookies enable us to enhance user experience on our websites. Information we get from the systems using such cookies allows us to provide you with relevant services.


We use cookies for user interface customisation to record your preferences when you set a language, font size or choose a particular version of the website (e.g., high contrast version). This means that when you return to the website, your preferences will be remembered. If you have an account and use the pages of the website that require logging in, we will place authentication cookies on your computer to remember your previous login credentials. If you have Adobe Flash2 installed on your computer (available on most computers) and use media players, we will place flash cookies on your computer. Their purpose is to store data required to play video or audio clips and save user preferences. Binnopharm Group employs web analytics tools to learn how its websites are used. These tools count the number of visitors and allow us to see how visitors move around our websites. For instance, they help identify keywords searched for by users that lead them to our website, the standard amount of time spent on a website or an average number of pages visited. This is how we use main cookies. On top of that, to track website metrics we may also employ such services as Google Analytics3. In this case, Google will deposit third-party cookies on your computer. The way it works is exactly the same when you use Google Maps. Any data collected with these cookies will be stored and used by Binnopharm Group. We would like to emphasise that cookies are not intended to capture your personal data and were not designed for this purpose.


If you do not want cookies to be sent to your computer, you can change your browser’s settings to get notified about them or block them. You can also delete the cookies that have been placed on your device. If you want to restrict or block cookies installed on your device, you can do it in your browser’s settings. To learn more please visit the Help section. You can also go to to find out all about how to manage cookies in different browsers.


We use cookies to improve our website and enhance your experience. By staying on the website, you agree to our use of cookies.