Sistema Fest brings workshops, film screenings, museum tours, and reproductions of Aivazovsky’s artworks to Kurgan

One of Kurgan’s social and cultural highlights featured over 20 workshops, museum tours, special screenings, and exhibitions seeking to offer career guidance to young people and share arts and cultural experiences with Kurgan residents.

During the first day, school students attended a series of workshops running at Kurgan Gymnasium No. 31 as part of the nationwide Lift to the Future career programme. The programme was developed by Sistema Charitable Foundation, Binnopharm Group, and the corporation’s other businesses. During the workshops, the children learnt how to code a Telegram bot functioning as a financial advisor, created a vitamin C pill and studied the impact ascorbic acid has on our health. They also created an apartment design employing augmented reality solutions and modelled a heart rate monitor.

“Offering career guidance to school students is as strategically important and relevant as other federal and local educational projects. Visits to production facilities and career guidance classes are well-known and quite effective tools. Today, however, we organised industrial workshops to bring jobs directly to the school. Students and teachers were able to gain a first-hand work experience by wearing real uniform and using actual production tools, materials and cutting-edge software. We would like to extend our thanks to our partner companies* for supporting the event. I would like to add that Sistema Charitable Foundation does more than that. The Lift to the Future online platform offers young people a career guidance test to give them an insight into many more jobs on top of those presented during the workshops,” said Irina Zakharova, Head of General and Vocational Education at the Education and Science Department of the Kurgan Region.

During the second day, the Kurgan Regional Arts Museum staged special tours to show watercolour paintings by Urals artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, and held arts workshops on watercolour painting, ecological art, and quilling.

What's more, Sistema Fest saw Aivazovsky Masterpieces, an outdoor arts exhibition, open in the vicinity of the regional local history museum to display art reproductions from the State Russian Museum. On the one side, eleven stands feature reproductions of the artist’s milestone paintings, while on the other side there is a gallery with portraits of Sintez employees. This part of the exhibition hails those who manufacture medicines and save lives. The stands were donated to the town for future exhibitions.

“Binnopharm Group, a holding company that comprises the Sintez plant, takes its social responsibility seriously, this is why we prioritise initiatives that offer tangible help. Young people are the future of Kurgan, and we'd like them to try their hand at various professions as early as possible and come closer to discovering their passion. Thus, one of the workshops focused on the manufacturing of medicines. If someone gets inspired to take up this trade and join our plant in the future, we will be happy to welcome them. The Sintez plant is the backbone of the local economy. It employs people who are genuinely passionate about their work, so part of the exhibition was designed to emphasise their contribution. Everyone in Kurgan can see these portraits as they walk by the local history museum,” says Elena Shipilova, Chief Communications Officer of Binnopharm Group.

The festival culminated in a number of events from Detsky KinoMay Foundation, including kids’ movies, conversations with actors and a director, and workshops for young movie fans.