Binnopharm Group increased sales of Amoxicillin 2.5-fold and launched two new antibiotics by the end of the year

Russian pharmaceutical company Binnopharm Group has reached a 2.5-fold increase in its sales of Amoxicillin. The antibiotic belongs to the same class of beta-lactam penicillin antibiotics (J01C) as Amoksiklav, shortage of which was observed in Moscow pharmacies in December. The Group has sold about 2 mln packages of the drug by the end of the year, the sales revenue has exceeded 170 mln rubles. In 2022, the company has also launched the production of carbapenems, Imipenem-cilastatin and Doripenem.

Rustem Muratov, Binnopharm Group’s Chief Executive Office, said, “The situation is far from being critical since 70% of all the volume of antibiotics sold in Russia is produced by Russian companies. In public procurement, their share is even higher and amounts up to 90%.

In 2022, PJSC Sintez (member of Binnopharm Group) has increased its production of beta-lactam antibiotics, including Sultasin (33% increase year-on-year), Ampicillin (69%), Ceftazidim (24%), and Vancomycin (33%).

Binnopharm Group is the largest antibiotic manufacturer in Russia. These drugs are manufactured on Sintez plant in Kurgan, Kurgan region, and Alium plant in Obolensk, Moscow region. Sintez plant is the biggest antibiotic manufacturer in Russia. The facility features full-cycle manufacturing of natural semisynthetic antibiotics from active pharmaceutical ingredients (13 products) to finished dosage forms (182 products). The plant also manufactures 118 medicinal products from the List of Vital and Essential Medicines. Since 1958, PJSC Sintez has been manufacturing medicinal products in all dosage forms. It is one of the top ten biggest Russian pharmaceutical companies and a major employer in Kurgan.