Binnopharm Group launches project to build first modern pharmaceutical warehouse in South Ural worth RUB 2 bn

Binnopharm Group, a pharmaceutical company forming part of Sistema Group, has started designing a state-of-the-art pharmaceutical warehouse complex at the Sintez plant in Kurgan. The facility will store feedstocks, materials, and finished products. Investments in the project will total about RUB 2 bn.

“The construction of a large, modern, and GMP/GDP-licensed warehouse with efficient internal logistics is the first stage of a major investment project geared towards production development in Kurgan. The facility will more than double the Company’s warehouse capacity, helping to expand and increase our output,” says Rustem Muratov, CEO of Binnopharm Group. “The strategic goal of the project is to boost labour productivity and production efficiency at the Kurgan site, focusing on the historical strengths of Sintez – manufacturing of medicines and, in particular, antibacterial drugs.”

Designed using cutting-edge technologies, the complex will be the first modern pharmaceutical warehouse in South Ural. It will include five zones with different temperature conditions and a temporary storage facility for customs clearance of goods. This will significantly improve the supply chain efficiency of raw material imports for the plant.