Binnopharm Group launches Russia’s first generic antibiotic for gastroenterology

Binnopharm Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia and part of Sistema Group, has brought to the market Alfaxim, the first Russian medication with Rifaximin as the active substance. The new product is manufactured by Alium, the Company’s factory in the Moscow Region.

According to different sources, over 11 million Russians need a modern antibiotic for treating digestive system diseases. “We are the first Russian manufacturer to successfully launch a Rifaximin-based medication, making this modern antibiotic more affordable and reducing patients’ dependence on imported products,” said Binnopharm Group's CEO Rustem Muratov. “With more than 20 prescription and over-the-counter medicines, gastroenterology is among the Company’s core focus areas. We are interested in this market and plan to ramp up our presence in it. In addition, the new medication will build up our leadership in the important segment of antibiotics.”

Binnopharm Group’s portfolio of gastroenterological products includes Neobutin, an antispasmodic with prokinetic effect, gastroprotectant Gastrostat, and hepatoprotective drug Urdoxa, all dominating their respective segments, as well as other medications that prevent and treat the diseases of the digestive system, liver, and gallbladder.