Binnopharm Group tops Kyrgyzstan’s pharmaceutical market

Binnopharm Group, part of Sistema, ranked first by units sold in 8M 2022 among all pharmaceutical players in the Kyrgyz market. This August, its market share was 13.8%, according to IQVIA.

"A wide range of medicines produced by Binnopharm Group enjoy strong demand and trust in the pharmaceutical market of Kyrgyzstan. We plan to retain and increase our local market share by introducing new INNs and trademarks, as well as blockbuster medicines from the Group’s portfolio. We are now expanding our presence in Kyrgyzstan with the Maxilac line of synbiotics that ranked third in the respective Russian market segment in August, and we expect it to successfully gain ground in the new market. This year, we also started promoting our antiviral agent Kagocel, which has shown good performance in its segment,” says Binnopharm Group's CEO Rustem Muratov.

In late 2021, Binnopharm Group opened six representative offices across the CIS and began to actively promote Russian medicines in the new markets, while strengthening its overall export operations.

“Each new market comes with its own challenges, and it takes the proper knowledge of local specifics and rules to develop a successful business strategy. The CIS markets offer great marketing opportunities, with positive consumer sentiment toward Russian products,” says Rustem Muratov. “Our growing sales encourage us to expand the portfolio of products marketed in these countries. We consistently rank among the top 10 pharmaceutical players in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, which I think is a great achievement considering that in fact we embarked on exports only a year ago.