Binnopharm Group wins the Green Cross award

Binnopharm Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russia and part of Sistema Group, won the Green Cross award as the managing company of Nearmedic Pharma Factory, the manufacturer of Kagocel, a medicinal antiviral agent. The medicine was the winner in the nomination Medication of choice for prophylaxis and treatment of ARVI and influenza.

“We have been working hard to promote the medication on the market and develop the Kagocel brand throughout the year. We are happy to see that our team’s consistent effort contributed to the product’s recognition not only by millions of consumers, but also by the professional pharmaceutical community,” commented Binnopharm Group's CEO Rustem Muratov. “We are confident that in the future Kagocel will further strengthen its market position and enjoy great trust in the industry.”

The Green Cross award recognises the best, successful, and effective pharmacists and representatives of the pharmaceutical community for their contribution to the development of the public organised pharmaceutical market and their compliance with the high product and service quality standards.

“We congratulate Binnopharm Group on yet another win. This is not the first time the Company has come to the attention of pharmacists: last year it was recognised as the pharma company of the year. We are always happy to see the Company and the products it offers among Green Cross award winners,” stressed Garik Tadevosyan, Chairman of Green Cross Organising Committee.