NIARMEDIC PHARMA's facility has received the EAEU GMP certificate

NIARMEDIC PHARMA, managed by Binnopharm Group, a leading Russian pharmaceutical company, has confirmed its compliance with the EAEU GMP requirements.

Naala Grivapsh, Corporate Director for Quality, Binnopharm Group: «NIARMEDIC PHARMA, managed by Binnopharm Group, is a modern, high-tech facility that is constructed, built and operated in accordance with good practice requirements. At the end of August, we successfully passed the inspection of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which allowed us to expand our product range with a new dosage form – capsules».

NIARMEDIC PHARMA plant was opened in 2015 in Obninsk, Kaluga Region. Today, it produces more than 15 million packs per year of the original drug product through a full production cycle. The production site is a complex of buildings and facilities with a total area of more than 22,000 m2.

Good manufacturing practice, GMP – rules that establish requirements for the organization of production and quality control of medicines for medical and veterinary use.