Binnopharm Group "adopts" a male coati from the Moscow Zoo

Binnopharm Group has taken custody of a male coati Sniff as part of the Moscow Zoo's Friends Club project.

In 2023, Binnopharm Group implemented a unique marketing project for healthcare professionals, during which artificial intelligence created an image of an ambassador for an antibacterial drug in the form of a nasal spray - Dr. Coati. Thanks to Dr. Coati, the drug was liked by doctors and pharmacists, and the company decided to "adopt" a real animal in the Moscow Zoo.

In January 2024, the company began patronizing coati Sniff. A sign with the message that Binnopharm Group takes care of the animal and an image of Dr. Coati appeared on his enclosure.

Evgenia Pletneva, Marketing Director for prescription drugs at Binnopharm Group: "Binnopharm Group is a large, dynamically developing company. Naturally, AI-technologies have entered our daily practice. For example, artificial intelligence has helped to realize several interesting projects in marketing. Creating an image of a drug brand ambassador is the first of them and quite successful. Dr. Coati helped to increase product awareness and loyalty of specialists to the brand. Our hero was so well-liked by the audience that the care of a real animal became a logical continuation of the campaign. And we are very pleased when not only our employees, but also our relatives and friends send us photos with Sniff from the Moscow Zoo".