Binnopharm Group demonstrated record growth dynamics in the retail market through 2023

According to the analytical agency AlphaRM, Binnopharm Group, a leading Russian pharmaceutical company, has strengthened its position in the Russian retail market, showing consistently high growth dynamics in sales of its drugs during the year.

Binnopharm Group ranked 6th among the leaders of the Russian market in terms of pharmacy sales for the whole year. According to the results of the fourth quarter of 2023, the company ranked 5th and 4th in December (sell out). In value terms, Binnopharm Group's sales of drugs for the year in pharmacy prices are close to RUB 41 bln.

During the year, Binnopharm Group showed record sales growth among pharmaceutical corporations in retail – 29%, almost 4 times ahead of the Russian market growth rate (8%).

The company is the 2nd largest manufacturer among Russian pharmaceutical corporations in the Russian retail market at the end of the year.

The company's growth foundation is a balanced and diversified portfolio of drugs of various categories. The growth drivers during 2023 were Neobutin®, Angiorus, Diclofenac-ACOS (gel), Omeprazole, Venarus, Maxilac®, Lorotricin®-ALIUM and others.

Rustem Muratov, Chief Executive Officer of Binnopharm Group: "We are confident that our products will continue to demonstrate high results and confirm consumer loyalty. In the long term - not only in the Russian market. The company invests a lot of resources in modernization projects of production facilities, development of the drug portfolio and international expansion, thanks to which our products enjoy a strong position in the markets where they are present".