Binnopharm Group Participated in IPhEB 2024, the International Exhibition on Pharmaceuticals, Engineering and Biotechnology

On 2 April, a special session «Topical Issues of Biotechnology: Education and Employment», organized with the support of the Saint-Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University (SPSCPU) took place in St. Petersburg as part of the business program of IPhEB 2024 Forum. Darya Lomteva, Head of the Recruitment and Onboarding Department of Binnopharm Group, participated in the session and shared with the audience up-to-date information on the Company’s educational programs, cooperation with leading universities, results of internship programs, and plans for the upcoming year. The event was moderated by Vera Kolodyaznaya, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Biotechnology Department at the SPSCPU.

As part of the discussion, the participants addressed relevant issues of youth outreach, attracting students and graduates to the industry, and recruitment and retention of young specialists in manufacturing companies.

Binnopharm Group, a leading Russian pharmaceutical company, effectively collaborates with leading national specialized universities, and in 2023 the cooperation was extended to include secondary specialized educational institutions. Moreover, the Company has entered into partnership agreements with regional Advanced Vocational Training Centers. Cooperation with young people has many forms: career fairs, job events, participation in thesis presentations, graduate consultations, lectures and workshops, job training and internships, scholarships for outstanding students of universities and secondary specialized educational institutions. The Company regularly receives positive feedback from the representatives of universities wishing to participate in new projects.

This March, Binnopharm Group, in collaboration with Sistema Foundation, has started accepting applications for two internships – Lift to the Future and First Internship. In 2023, over 160 students completed internships at Binnopharm Group.

Manufacturing sites of Binnopharm Group are constantly developing, product portfolio and manufacturing facilities are expanding. For its projects, the Company regularly engages young specialists, students and graduates majoring in chemistry, pharmaceutics, biotechnology, biology, biochemistry, veterinary medicine, and those with the following specializations: engineers, equipment operators, laboratory scientists, quality control inspectors, and other technical specializations.