Binnopharm Group ranks one of the largest advertisers in the Russian market according to


For the second year running, Binnopharm Group, the leading Russian pharmaceutical Company, has entered the top 30 largest Russian advertisers annual ranking Sostav and became one of the three pharmaceutical companies on the list. The Company won the title of the second largest advertiser in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

In 2023, the investments in advertising of the drugs produced by the company amounted to nearly 3.5 billion rubles (+22.5% year-on-year), with the bulk of it accounted to television advertisement. Online advertising became a major focus for the company in 2023. Binnopharm Group’s investments in this area increased by 37% year-on-year. The Company also invested in press and radio advertising campaigns, as well as outdoor advertising.

Anton Fedosyuk, Marketing Director of Binnopharm Group: «Last year, we continued to implement our strategy of developing and expanding our product portfolio and promoting it in the Russian and foreign markets. We adapt our advertising strategy accordingly. In 2023, the downward trend in the number of foreign companies continued. We keep seeing opportunities for growth in several categories and are launching new products or switching to more aggressive marketing of brands from our current portfolio».

In 2023, Binnopharm Group was ranked the 6th largest pharmaceutical company in the Russian retail market and the 2nd among the national manufacturers in this segment (according to AlphaRM). The ranking of the largest Russian advertisers is based on data collected by Mediascope, AdMetrix, and Digital Budget, all figures are given without VAT.